UAV-based CP SAR

Bhimasena is spearheading the development of proprietary technology for a UAV-based C band Synthetic Aperture Radar (CB-SAR) to monitor object in the tropical area. This system could be employed to monitor objects under foliage and topsoil in dense tropical forest area in a center frequency of about 5.3 GHz. The user could implement this system for border monitoring, maritime and coast guard, forest observation, disaster mapping (earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood), traffic jammed solution etc. The building block of CB-SAR technology is composed of SAR Processor, Chirp Generator (CG), Image Signal Processor (ISP), RF Module (RF), Antenna (ANT), Motion Composition (MOCO), and Communication Module (COM). Powered by collaboration with leading labs and research centers in Japan and Europe, engineers and scientists at Bhimasena develop Circularly Polarized Synthetic Aperture Radar (CP-SAR) to be used onboard Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (both fixed-wing and multi-rotor type) operating at the altitude 2,000m using band (1.27 GHz, <150 MHz bandwidth) with output power of 50 Watts (47 dBm)and 1m resolution. Another version of CP-SAR is also developed for the L band for a larger size UAV (up to 6 m wing span) and for C/X band onboard of High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) UAV operating at stratospheric regime. Whatever your need and mission and wherever you operate, Bhimasena provides a cost-effective innovative solutions for frontiers technology in UAV-based remote sensing.