Autonomous UAV

Bhimasena develops a small autonomous UAV combining flying robots and IT networks to monitor and respond to local and national disasters including the outstanding border problems. This system helps authorities to identify problems quickly and correctly. For swift and correct decision making to cope with local and national crises, such as a conflict at the boarder of a nation, contamination of a water reservoir, traffic accidents, and terror or crime, various information is in demand in real-time. The information includes real-time visual images and the precise location of crisis areas.

For this purpose, the prompt dispatch of monitoring devices to the suspected region is most critical. In many occasions, the area of conflict or disaster is hard to reach in person for various reasons. The site might be in the middle of military conflict, a radioactive leakage area, or an isolated region without road access. Sometimes inclement weather prevents the investigation crew from approaching the site. To develop technology that can cope with these problems and respond to disasters promptly, we developed the following technologies

  • Autonomous Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV) or flying robots covering a certain ranges
  • IT Networks for real-time communication and the control of flying robots
  • Reliability assurance of the airframe and system during its storage and service life