Bhimasena is all about the talented individuals that make this company what it is. Besides ensuring that we have the brightest minds sharing their ideas and knowledge, we pay special attention to ensuring that our employees get the best care and attention in order to maximize their potential. Bhimasena is powered by more than 500 research engineers in which 168 are full time employees and the remaining personnels are project-based contractors as part of its global research network. Upon being awarded a series of large scale projects nationally, Bhimasena has been on the full swing on its program to expand the engineering and R&D team.

Executive Team

Evi Lusviana  Julian Juwadi Dipl. -Ing. Aris Budiyarto Prof. Agus Budiyono, ir, MSc. Aero-Astro, E.A.A., PhD
Chairman of the Board  President Chief Executive Officer Chief Technology Officer


Core Team

The Bhimasena laboratory core team consists of directors of research engineers and the Advisory Expert Board (AEB). At any given circumstances the team personnel would be scaled up, depending on the size of the project. The valuable team members of engineers and researcher are especially chosen from top university graduates. The criteria include relevant professional experience and expertise and familiarity with problems affecting high-tech businesses.

Advisory Board

Professor K.J. Yoon, PhD, Konkuk University, Korea
Design of MAV and UAV, composite material

Professor Taesam Kang, PhD, Konkuk University, Korea
Sensor technology, avionics

Professor Bambang Riyanto, ITB, Indonesia
Robotics and control technology

Professor Josaphat Tetuko Srisumantyo, Chiba U, Japan
Radar technology

Professor Minho Ka, Yonsei University, Korea
Signal processing and radar technology

Professor Youmin Zhang, Concordia University, Canada
Fault tolerance and health monitoring of UAV

Professor Steven L. Waslander, PhD, U of Waterloo, Canada
SLAM, multi-robot, advanced UAV control

Professor Joon Chung, PhD, Ryerson University, Canada
Flight simulation technology

Professor Mahmoud Shafik, PhD, Derby University, England
Advanced mechatronics

Professor Huosheng Hu, PhD, University of Essex, England
Robotic fish, multi-sensor fusion, multi-robot system