Our Missions

Indonesia, with a landmass of approximately 1,919,440 km2 is the world’s largest archipelago, and has long played an important role in the stability and economic development of the region. However, the sheer size of Indonesia’s land and sea masses presents its own set of unique problems, as maintaining sovereignity in general and along its vast borders in specific is a challenging prospect. In addition, in an attempt to strengthen Indonesia’s high-tech industry, a new directive passed in the country dictates that there will be no technology product that can be fully imported. The new regulation requires that imported technology-laden products include a portion of local content, signifying that all imported high-tech products acquired, deployed and operated in Indonesia should represent the integration of the overseas and locally developed know-hows.

As a research-based technology and development company, Bhimasena has a mission of fulfilling the nation’s needs by utilizing state-of-the-art laboratories and research centers, as well as employing the nation’s brightest minds to provide topnotch tailored technology solutions to the nation’s top priority problems, as well as a variety of commercial applications. Furthermore, Bhimasena has vision to enhance national competitiveness in the protection, exploration, and utilization of Indonesia’s resources.


Why Choose Bhimasena

Frontier technologies 
All of our work is centred on frontier technologies. The products and services that form the backbone of our business also have long-term repercussions on national industrial competitiveness, as we are the sole trackers and loggers of the products we provide. This lies in direct contrast to products that are directly imported from overseas contractors.

Maintenance and Repairs
Maintenance and customer care is one of our strongest points as we guarantee the utmost care and longevity of the products we produce. In addition, we are also specialised in providing high-end spare parts for both products that we produce as well as imported products.

Collaborations and partnerships help us grow. Besides working with and learning from trusted overseas partners, we also pay extra attention and detail towards working and collaborating with smaller local research and development laboratories, thus creating a stronger national high-tech industry.

Education & Training
Educating and training our customers is paramount to what we do. As opposed to simply providing high quality end products, we pay extra attention on training and advising our clients on the proper utilization and care of our high-end products.

Getting The Best Out of Our Employees
Happy employees equal satisfied customers. We greatly value our employees and go to extra lengths to ensure they work under the best and most supportive environment possible. We have created the ideal working space for our researchers including high-quality rest and relaxation facilities to ensure that our employees are able to work to their maximum capabilities.