From the moment a client approaches us with specific problems to solve, Bhimasena takes the utmost care and attention into finding the best solution. The following is the general development process that Bhimasena takes:

our approach

1 Idea

2 Conceptual Design

3 Detail Design

Everything starts with an idea, no matter
how seemingly small or insignificant
it appears to be. Your ideas form the
base of our plan-of-action in order to
provide the ideal solutions.

Once your ideas have been taken on
board and conceptualized, we will
proceed by preparing sketches in the
form of rough sketches, hand made
clay models and ultimately 3D printed


Taking the conceptual design as a
base, we continue the process by
preparing detailed designs. This
includes 2D drawings, creating a
3D solid model as well as preparing
materials that would be used.

4 Simulation Analysis

5 Production

6 Testing

The simulation analysis takes the
detail design onto another level
by determining the structure,
manoeuvrability, and roll over before
the actual production takes place.
The production phase is where it all
falls into place. Taking all the previous
steps into consideration, producing
interior, transmission, outer paint etc.
Once the finished prototype is completed,
the testing phase determines
whether the proposed solution is fit to
solve the problems at hand.