Professor Mahmoud Shafik


It is truly a great desire to work and collaborate with such an internationally recognised R&D center with authority in several industrial applied research projects. The significant effort to set up the industrial Research and Development (R&D) centre to critically address real-world problems while strategically positions the endeavour in the new emerging robotics market in Indonesia, is a remarkable achievement. This is certainly forming a major impact and potential channels for our long term collaboration at University and applied research and development level. Utilizing its access to high caliber individuals and abundant market of high potential, I believe that Bhimasena Research and Development would emerge as a leader in the high tech industry not only regionally but also in a global scale.

Dr Mahmoud Shafik is a University Reader in Mechatronics Engineering, Founder - Editor-In-Chief of International Journal of Robotics & Mechatronics and Principal Technology Investigator at College of Engineering and Technology, University of Derby, UK. He has a 1st class honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, with Master Degree in Autonomous Control Systems, MPhil and PhD in Engineering and Computer Science, subject: Mechatronics.

Dr Shafik is an expert who has made a personal distinction and international recognition, in the field of Mechatronics Engineering, with more than 20-years industrial applied research experience in Mechatronics Systems, Sensors and Actuators, Medical Electronics, Industrial Electronics and Automation, Robotics, Semantic Data Technology and Software Development. He has an excellent experience in writing and submitting bids, extensive experience of carrying out research projects, excellent talent and experience to recruit, engage and establish links with industrial partners, provide consultancy and develop joint research projects, an outstanding experience of Charing of significant EC/TSB/EPSRC research and development projects.
Dr Shafik has been supervising a number of PhD and MSc research candidates, across Europe, have a number of industrial notes and several publications in international journals and conferences.

Dr Shafik current roles at Derby involves Teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level, Creative and Engineering Technology, Research and Development, EC and UK bids writing & preparation, Coordination, management and Mechatronics Engineering across a broad range of European industries to help develop innovative cutting edge technologies for a diverse range of applications.